22nd October, 10.48a

I made my favourite tutor laugh in class yesterday, I've done hair and makeup for two shoots and an amazing photographer, I am finally nearing the end of my first unit in university, and Selfridges already has Crimbo decorations up. Yes, I was very busy last week, and yes I am sorry but nothing exciting happened anyways. We have this task called a PPD (personal professional development) journal, where we get to write about and reflect on all the tasks we have completed over the term, and we get to talk about our strength and our weaknesses and how we can improve upon them. Snore. So, I guess subconsciously somewhere I decided that I was going to somehow make it fun for me to do on some level. This translated into me writing about everything (almost everything) and anything that is involved in my university tasks. Including my tutors, and usually most often my commentary on them in class. Of course nothing bad! Because 1. I really don't see any bad, and 2. I'm not stupid. In short, we had our PPD's reviewed in class to make sure they are up to par for submission, and one of my tutors may have skimmed over some particular commentary I wrote about him, the least I can do is thank god he found it amusing. 

A makeup artist friend of mine here invited me along to do hair for a shoot in Brixton last weekend (aka. why there was no blog post, I know I'm sorry ok). Because the images are not mine, nor have they been released I cannot show them to you just yet. I can tell you very exciting things are in the mix for this photographer, Mariam Gomez Bonnemaison, and in turn the people she has been working with. The first shoot was a male model, Joel Davis, and female model, Amelia Wilshaw wearing clothing styled by Jade Nadia Lenny, and Makeup by Alice Holder. This was my first time visiting Brixton, and my first shoot here so an overwhelming sense of joy all around.

Halfway into the shoot, the lot of us were standing in the square at Brixton, across again, a KFC and McDonalds, and a small group filming for the BBC kind of gate crashed the shoot. They were filming a documentary about black womens' job eligibility based on the texture of their hair, they interviewed ut stylist and models for the documentary. So my work is going to be on the BBC? Possibly? Look out for that documentary early next year as well, it is based on a very controversial topic that many don't talk about or worse don't know is a controversy at all. It is really awesome to see that conversations about the stigma around natural texture is finally happening.

But wait! That's not all! There's a popular Channel 4 show here called Gogglebox, this of course had to be explained to me at the time, the show is basically a camera crew sat in multiple people's homes across Britain filming them watching popular shows on the telly. The way it was explained to me was that; the explanation makes it seem like the most boring show on the planet, but it's actually hilarious. One of the women filmed on the show is a lovely black lady from Brixton, called Sandra, who decided to come out and collect donations for the fight against breast cancer, and did so right next to where we were shooting. Celebrity sighting woo!    

This is a link to a few clips on goggle box if you'd like to see what all the fuss is about: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vbQoBpIqfI

The second shoot I had the gift to work with Mariam again, and I did hair and makeup on four girls for some editorial type head shots. I have to say that every model I've met was super kind, so talkative, and me being nervous and new to this, felt so much more comfortable from the beginning. I was more than thankful to them, whether they know or not, for their kindness and warmth. This shoot was done in a studio outside of central London in Epsom, a 2 hour journey for me on two tubes and the overground, which is so beautiful. (It doesn't smell like the New Jersey Transit trains, it's also so well mapped out, and it makes travel around England so simple). The shoot was really successful and the photos looked incredible. To be honest, I am unbelievably excited about everything I've already been able to do and everything I will do from here. I know I;ve already said that before, just once more for the late crowd.

And, finally, I've attached 3 concept boards I have been working on at school. The task is simply, to create a fashion related product to sell in a museum shop. This line of lipstick is a collaboration between Yves Saint Laurent Beauty and the Tate Modern, Inspired by the work of artist Georgia O'Keeffe. The lipstick shade directly correlates to the dominating pigment in the painting, and the packaging features prints from five different pieces of her art. The first board features the business plan and customer profile, and the street style image that inspired the product. The second board is the design of the product and the process of creating the final images for this the unit. And the final board is a display of how the product will be shown in the media, including physical, print, and social advertising. This was by far the most exciting thing I've been able to create in school yet, because even if I didn't have the opportunity to work with the makeup, it is still makeup.

I'm going to end this here, because it is getting well into the day and I'm out of banana's and rice so I have to go buy food, and be a human.