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Schema was a massive project born from a collaboration with a fashion photographer Mariam Gomez, Bridge Models UK, and the Be Real Project. It was a showcase of curve models in editorial images, that pushed the boundaries of traditional curve oriented shoots. The concept was to create beautiful images featuring beautiful women in traditional fashion editorial settings. 

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Sometimes in college, there is a lot of work and you forget to do basic tasks like; your washing, or, oh I don't know, keeping up with a blog. Let me be perfectly honest with you first though, that stuff that keeps you busy in college, you don't enjoy it, it stinks. Other times you get to do incredible things like take part in an amazing exhibition and get your name on the wall, more than once! 

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A project that reminds you of the time your heart felt deserted. When life lost its light and its joy, and the blood never set your skin on fire. When you needed to push through everything that was holding you back to look into the dead of night take your broken wings and learn to fly, because all your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise.