delinquents who are self-named the 'drapes.' He unintentionally falls for a girl named Allison who is a part of the opposing social group accurately names the 'squares.'  

Allison's parents don't approve of Crybaby and their budding love, so they are separated from each other and forbidden to be with one another. In protest, Crybaby gets a teardrop tattoo permanently inked into the porcelain skin of his cheek. Now from that, let's go back to that thought about the mental capacity of teenage boys. 

"I've been hurt all my life, but real tears wash away. The one is for Allison, and I want it to last forever."  This, the most famous quote in the movie Crybaby, taps into the deeper meaning behind why humans do what we do and at the same time makes the veiwer question the mental capacity of teenage boys.

If you haven't watched the award winning film (in my book at least) I highly recommend that you do, it will immediately brighten up your world. A quick primer on the plot in case you haven't: Crybaby (Johnny Depp) is one of the ringleaders of a bunch of


The teardrop tattoo Crybaby wears throughout the movie is what inspired my cheetah motif. The ink of the teardrop marred Crybaby's olive complexion, but also made the statement that needed to be made.

Permanently stained in ink, decadently black and small in a paisley shape, the spot automatically reminded me of a cheetah’s natural spot pattern.  

The teardrop was a flaw, and yet the spots on a cheetah are considered beautiful. The scattered print is so coveted we wear it on our feet and turn it into coats, and even tattoo it on our bodies.

In short, this piece analyzes the beauty in natural textures and textiles, and contrastingly, the torture of permanently maiming skin. 


Original Sketch for Acinonyx Jubtas based off of an image of Dita Von Tesse. 

Original Sketch for Acinonyx Jubtas based off of an image of Dita Von Tesse. 

Growing up, my sister had a faux fur cheetah print duvet cover on her bed, and she filled picture frames with animal textiles to decorate her walls. I would run my fingers over the duvet and revel in the feeling of the soft plush sent to my fingertips, and understandably, it immediately reminded me of hair. Now, as my sister away at school, the duvet cover usually hides in the basement. When I decided to create this piece, I popped down to take it out of it's plastic case and study it in order to create the sketches for the print.

I personally love the way you can take a small amount of a print nd dress up an outfit instantly. At work our dress code is strictly all black, you can see hoe this has the potential of getting boring. I sometimes manage to throw on a pair of cheetah print slide on's and change the entire outlook of my day. I think this ability alone gives animal prints another level of fashion must haves. Don't get me wrong I adore my neutrals but every once in a while you're feeling flirty and there is nothing that can quite quench that thirst like a cheetah print bag. 

Images of piece planning and sketching as well as proof of research

All images are drawn and created by me, with the exception of the print outs found on the first image which is one of the first mood boards created for Acinonyx Jubtas. Most images depicted portray the images of cheetah prints in the modern media and pop culture.

Final Result

Crybaby juxtaposes two unlike things, animalistic purity with beauty in human art and permanent practices. It also reflects how we sexualize and covet pure creation for ourselves and our own selfish wants and desires.    Beyond that, it exemplifies how a community can systematically desecrate the natural beauty of innocent things, like how Johnny Depp's character was wrongly accused and imprisoned in Crybaby. 

Though this piece looks more complex, the makeup application and hair styling was very simplistic. I wanted to keep things messy, in the name animalistic beauty. 

For the hair, I worked with the model's natural hair in an unnatural wave patter, straight. She has short hair, so I used a few bobby

pins to pull the hair away from the face, leaving a single strand out in her front hairline to mimic the Crybaby bad boy greaser motif. 

For the makeup I used no base foundation, instead I wanted to work with her natural complexion because if I had covered her in a base and then went over it with the spots it would have been heavy, cakey. It could have cracked and then wouldn't have looked natural and glowing the way it did. The spots and whiskers were free handed in Sonia Kashuk gel eyeliner (02 Cocoa) with a Real Techniques Bold Metals angled brush (201). After the spots, I applied eyeshadow in a smoky technique but used natural gold tone browns as opposed to ashy greys and blacks. To finish the look I added Batalash lashes (Playful) to enhance the animalistic feel.