This is the first project I’ve completed where I fully created and styled a look from the ground up. I sewed the dress by hand without a pattern not because I want to become a professional Atelier, but because I was curious about this new area to me of the fashion world. This project allowed me to discover new things about myself every step of the way, an actual distaste for geometry, lack of planning on my part to be perfectly honest, an idea of just how many times I could actually manage to poke my fingers and make them bleed. 

‘Rome’ was inspired by the 2014 Dolce & Gabbana Ready to Wear Collection. The greatest aspect of this collection was that it managed to live and breathe, and because of that, to me, it was more successful than the likes Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent because it was alive unlike rival fashion shows. The textiles and patterns from D&G were captivating, they sucked you into the show, they ate you whole and spit you out, and you thanked them for it. Because you felt honored enough to have been able to experience it at all.


The first picture you see above is from D&G's 2014 Ready to Wear collection. 

The brilliance of Dolce & Gabbana lies in the fact that they know their audience. They realize that the world is full of men and women just like us, who all have children and grandparents and spouses and partners. They want us in their collection, so they use that to tell our own stories, with babies on the runway and all.

This is one of the main reasons I immediately fell in love with this collection, particularly this dress, because it came alive on the runway, it breathed like you and me. Originally, I wanted to recreate the dress in a similar patterned material.

However, when I went to the fabric store and wandered into the bridal section, the same kind of immediate obsession overwhelmed me when I looked at the champagne fabric used to create this dress.

The skirt on my dress mimics the draping style Selena Gomez is wearing above. I wanted both a full skirt that had an elegant Grecian feel to it. While not perfect, the dress itself is a major accomplishment for me because it is the first garment I have ever created (aside from a scarf when I was seven). Even though it's not a full realization of the original idea, I am over the moon in love with this piece and really excited to show it off.


Images of piece planning and sketching as well as proof of research

All images are drawn and created by me, with the exception of the printouts, found on the moodboards created for 'Rome.'
Most images depicted are inspired by some of the most current collections (hair, makeup, and styling) created by Dolce and Gabbana.

My main focus of the garment was the draping of the skirt. I had less direction for the top; all I knew was that I wanted it to have sleeves. I avoided a sweetheart neckline, because I didn't want the model to look like Cinderella's fairy godmother. The final neckline, while modern, still allows the garment to have a very romantic and elegant feel.

Final Result

I created this piece out of pure fondness for that season's collection put out by Dolce & Gabbana. For the makeup, I kept the look more basic, as the everyday woman does not walk around looking like a John Galliano model. Additionally, I felt that the hair and its rose accents were meant to be the centerpiece of the look. I used gold eyeliner to tie in the gold pieces in her hair and bring out the natural blue color in the model’s eyes. Her face makeup is also underwhelming; she has a base foundation and concealer on to even out the skin tone and a slight contour to give definition to her face. The makeup was kept simple to not overwhelm the over all look of the photos. 

For the centerpiece of the look, her hair, I placed six red roses from the local florist and a small accent of Baby’s Breath into and behind random pieces of this up-do. There are also gold coins added to the flowers to imitate what’s typically seen in Dolce and Gabbana shows; gold coin hair pieces. Overall, the piece is romantic, with a modern edge, specifically in the lines of the dress and disarray of the hair. Had I had full access to a professional photo team, I definitely think the look would have found itself at home among D&G prestigious collections. I am still quite satisfied with the entire look of this pieces from the contrasting green trees and red roses, to the way the sunlight hit the blue in her eyes framed by gold eyeliner.