This piece embodies everything about the way I feel about what I do. Visage, the french word for face, not only speaks volumes to the importance and rudimentary basics of fashion but it has the ability to remind you of where it all began. The thing about fashion is that as intoxicating as oxygen, sometimes it gets to be too much, when you're only worrying about who's wearing who and what show had the best goodies.

With this look, I wanted to bring you back to that initial moment, that same feeling you felt the day you fell in love with fashion. This piece reminds me why I have chosen this life and why I've fallen so hard for this industry.      

While its super fun to create characters and use pop culture as references, the object of Visage was to not overwhelm you. It is meant to bring you back to basics and understand beauty in the human form. Clothes and shoes and jewelry are fashion's outer layer, but the real inner beauty of the industry comes from our ability to showcase and appreciate our best aspects for what they are.

The beauty in you doesn't have shout in order to change your world. The beauty in you is quietly incredible.  


Models are the celebrities of the fashion industry. The popular novel Hijacking the Runway talks about how the faces of the runway are no longer the names behind the brand, like Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, or even Yves Saint Laurent. The names of brands are the models wearing it. There's Sophia Mechetner of Dior, Cara Delevingne of Chanel, Jordan Dunn of YSL. These women, their names not previously known, have become the most famous people in the fashion industry.

Now, models are even photographed without clothes. They've broken the barriers of the industry and made celebrities of themselves beyond the confines of clothing. People still want to see them regardless of what they're wearing. The garments were always meant to wear the models, hence the simplistic hair and makeup seen in and at most shows or editorials. But now, the models are wearing the clothing, which is exactly how it was always meant to be. 



Images of piece planning and sketching as well as proof of research

All images are drawn and created by me, with the exception of the printouts, found on the mood boards created for Visage.
Most images depicted are inspired by the most common images of Models in the industry.

Final Result

Visage showcases my comprehensive ability to use hair and makeup to highlight the model's natural beauty. There needs to be versatility in hair and makeup. Of course, I know how to fit weaves, make eyebrows disappear seamlessly, draw dots on peoples faces, and paint lips like the queen of hearts. But I'm also able to create a look that does not overtake the clothing.

Shows like Galliano, Wang, and Westwood crave makeup artists who can create an extraordinary world. Fashion houses like Burberry, Antipodium, and Assembly, work with hair and makeup that is simplistic and graceful. Here, the clothing is the showcase of the show as opposed to the theatrics of the collection. In the history of fashion, these are the houses that outlast the ages and consistently create collections that people adore for years and years. 

It is easy to get lost in the characters and ensembles that go down the runway, but once you're lost you cannot come back. Focusing on the beauty of the clothing and in wearing it is what is important. A balance must be struck to be sure not to lose both the garment's beauty and the model's beauty in the circus that a runway show can become. Fashion creates a culture of beauty and innovative thinkers, people who are themselves and can be themselves always.

This piece reminds me of who I am, and also accentuates the beauty of this model. Visage manages to not only exceed my original expectations, but was also able to regrow and nourish the love of fashion in me. This piece is hands down my favourite, and I will hold this with me for as long as I live.

A special Thanks to Yasmine Ashour.